will (n.) 1
desire, wish, liking, inclination
2H4 IV.i.172 [Archbishop to Westmorland] All members of our cause ... / Acquitted by a true substantial form / And present execution of our wills
AW IV.iv.30 [Diana to Helena] I am yours, / Upon your will to suffer
AW V.i.17 [Gentleman to Helena] What's your will?
Cym I.vii.8 [Innogen alone] Blessed be those ... that have their honest wills
H8 I.ii.13 [King Henry to Queen Katherine] Repeat your will, and take it
H8 I.ii.94 [King Henry to Wolsey] We must not rend our subjects from our laws, / And stick them in our will
KJ II.i.510 [Blanche to Lewis the Dauphin] My uncle's will in this respect is mine
KJ II.i.556 [King John to King Philip, of Constance] I trust we shall, / If not fill up the measure of her will, / Yet in some measure satisfy her
KL IV.vii.20 [Cordelia to Doctor] proceed / I'the sway of your own will
LLL II.i.100 [Princess to King, of his will] will shall break it
Mac II.i.18 [Macbeth to Banquo] Being unprepared / Our will became the servant to defect
Mac IV.iii.88 [Macduff to Malcolm] Scotland hath foisons to fill up your will / Of your mere own
MND II.ii.121 [Lysander to Helena] The will of man is by his reason swayed
MW I.i.214 [Evans to Slender, of Anne] can you carry your good will to the maid? [or: sense 2]
MW II.ii.154 [Falstaff to Ford as Brook] What's your will? [i.e. What do you want?]
Per III.iii.30 [Pericles to Cleon] all / Unscissored shall this hair of mine remain, / Though I show will in't [unclear meaning: even though I might want to have it cut] [or: wilfulness]
R2 II.i.28 [York to John of Gaunt] too late comes counsel to be heard / Where will doth mutiny with wit's regard [i.e. conflicts with the claims of intelligence]
RJ III.i.196 [Prince to his men, of Tybalt] Bear hence this body, and attend our will
RJ III.v.23 [Romeo to Juliet] I have more care to stay than will to go
Sonn 121.8 [] Or on my frailties why are frailer spies, / Which in their wills count bad what I think good?
Sonn 135.5 [] Wilt thou whose will is large and spacious, / Not once vouchsafe to hide my will in thine [with bawdy pun]
TC II.ii.180 [Hector to Paris and Troilus, of passion] great minds, of partial indulgence / To their benumbed wills, resist the same
TC II.ii.54 [Hector to Troilus] value dwells not in particular will
TG IV.ii.89 [Silvia to Proteus] What's your will?
Tim I.ii.116 [Timon to Servant, of the ladies] What are their wills?
TN II.iv.116 [Viola as Cesario to Orsino] Our shows are more than will [i.e. we show more passion than we feel]