weal 2
welfare, well-being, prosperity
1H6 III.ii.92 [Bedford to Talbot] I ... will be partner of your weal or woe
1H6 V.i.27 [King to Gloucester] I shall be well content with any choice / Tends to God's glory and my country's weal
Cor I.i.149 [Menenius to Citizens] digest things rightly / Touching the weal o'th' common
Ham III.iii.14 [Rosencrantz to Claudius] That spirit upon whose weal depends and rests / The lives of many [Q2; F spirit]
KJ IV.ii.65 [Pembroke to King John, of Arthur] our weal, on you depending, / Counts it your weal he have his liberty
RJ III.ii.51 [Juliet to Nurse] Brief sounds determine of my weal or woe