vassal (n.) 1
servant, slave, subject
1H6 IV.i.125 [Gloucester to Vernon and Basset] Presumptuous vassals
2H4 IV.v.176 [Prince Henry to King Henry IV] make me as the poorest vassal is
2H6 IV.i.111 [Suffolk to Lieutenant] It is impossible that I should die / By such a lowly vassal as thyself
AC [Pompey to Caesar, of Fortune] shall she never come / To make my heart her vassal
AC V.ii.29 [Cleopatra to Proculeius, of Caesar] I am his fortune's vassal
AW I.iii.154 [Helena to Countess, of Bertram] I ... will his vassal die
AW II.i.199 [Helena to King, of the person she will request as a husband] thy vassal, whom I know / Is free for me to ask
Cor III.ii.9 [Coriolanus to Nobles, of the Plebeians] my mother ... was wont / To call them woollen vassals
Cym V.v.113 [disguised Innogen to Cymbeline] I ... being born your vassal
E3 II.ii.41 [King Edward alone, of the Countess] I to her / Am as a kneeling vassal
H5 III.ii.7 [Pistol to Nym] God's vassals drop and die
KL I.i.161 [Lear to Kent] O vassal, miscreant!
LLL IV.i.67 [Boyet reading Armado's letter to Jaquenetta] have commiseration on thy heroical vassal
Luc 1360 [of Lucrece's groom] the duteous vassal scarce is gone
Luc 666 [Lucrece to Tarquin] thy thoughts, low vassals to thy state
R3 II.i.123 [King Edward to all] your waiting vassals / Have done a drunken slaughter
Sonn 58.4 [] I ... Being your vassal bound to stay your leisure
Tem I.ii.374 [Caliban aside, of Prospero's magic] It would control my dam's god Setebos, / And make a vassal of him
TNK V.i.84 [Palamon praying to Venus] [who] mayst force the king / To be his subject's vassal