viand (n.)
(usually plural) food, victuals, foodstuff
3H6 II.v.52 [King alone, of a prince's fare] His viands sparkling in a golden cup
AC III.xi.73 [Antony to servants] Some wine, within there, and our viands!
Cor I.i.98 [Menenius to Citizens, of the belly] it did remain / I'th' midst o'th' body, idle and unactive, / Still cupboarding the viand
Cym V.v.156 [Iachimo to Cymbeline] O, would / Our viands had been poisoned
MV IV.i.97 [Shylock to Duke, of slaves] let their palates / Be seasoned with such viands [as yours]
Per II.iii.31 [Thaisa to herself] All viands that I eat do seem unsavoury
TC II.ii.71 [Troilus to Hector] the remainder viands / We do not throw in unrespective sieve / Because we now are full
Tem III.iii.42 [Sebastian to all, of the spirits] They have left their viands behind
TNK III.i.84 [Arcite to Palamon] I will be here / With wholesome viands