villain (n.) 2
scoundrel, rogue, rascal
CE I.ii.96 [Antipholus of Syracuse alone, of Dromio of Ephesus] The villain is o'er-raught of all my money
LLL I.ii.140 [Armado to Costard] Villain, thou shalt fast for thy offences ere thou be pardoned [also: sense 1]
MW IV.v.65 [Host to Bardolph, of the Germans] They are gone but to meet the Duke, villain
TC III.ii.31 [Pandarus to Troilus, of Cressida] It is the prettiest villain [playful]
TC IV.v.8 [Ajax to trumpeter] Blow, villain, till thy sphered bias cheek / Outswell the colic of puffed Aquilon
TN II.v.13 [Sir Toby to Sir Andrew and Fabian, of Maria] Here comes the little villain [playful]
TS I.ii.8 [Petruchio to Grumio] Villain, I say, knock me here soundly
WT I.ii.136 [Leontes to Mamillius] Sweet villain!