vantage (n.) 3
advantage, benefit, advancement, profit
2H6 I.i.129 [York to all, of the contract between the King and Queen] our King Henry gives away his own, / To match with her that brings no vantages
AC III.vii.33 [Canidius to Enobarbus, of Caesar] offers, / Which serve not for his vantage
Cor III.ii.31 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] I have ... a brain that leads my use of anger / To better vantage
Cym V.v.198 [Iachimo to Cymbeline] for my vantage, excellent
E3 II.i.326 [Warwick to King Edward] I would account that loss my vantage too
KJ II.i.550 [King Philip to King John, of Constance's claim for Arthur] Which we, God knows, have turned another way, / To our own vantage
Mac I.iii.112 [Angus to Macbeth, of Cawdor] Whether he was combined / With those of Norway, or did line the rebel / With hidden help and vantage ... I know not
Mac [Banquo to King, of the martlet] no ... / Buttress, nor coign of vantage, but this bird / Hath made his pendent bed and procreant cradle
MM II.ii.74 [Isabella to Angelo] He that might the vantage best have took / Found out the remedy
MM V.i.410 [Duke to Angelo] thy faults thus manifested, / Which ... denies thee vantage
R2 I.iii.218 [John of Gaunt to King Richard, of Bolingbroke's reduced banishment] little vantage shall I reap thereby
R2 V.iii.131 [Duchess of York to King Henry] O, happy vantage of a kneeling knee!
R3 I.iii.309 [Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of Queen Margaret] you have all the vantage of her wrong
R3 V.ii.22 [Richmond to Blunt, of those deserting Richard] All for our vantage
Sonn 88.12 [] The injuries that to myself I do, / Doing thee vantage, double vantage me [first instance]
TG I.iii.82 [Proteus alone, of Antonio] with the vantage of mine own excuse / Hath he excepted most against my love
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advantage (n.) 3