vent (v.) 1
utter, express, air, proclaim
AC III.iv.8 [Antony to Octavia, of Caesar paying him terms of honour] cold and sickly / He vented them
AYL II.vii.41 [Jaques to Duke Senior, of Touchstone's observations] the which he vents / In mangled forms
Cor I.i.207 [Martius to Menenius, of the Citizens] They vented their complainings
Cor III.i.257 [Menenius to Patrician, of Coriolanus] What his breast forges, that his tongue must vent
Cym I.iii.4 [First Lord to Cloten, of the air] there's none abroad so wholesome as that you vent
Cym V.iii.56 [Posthumus to Lord, of the victory] Will you rhyme upon't, / And vent it for a mock'ry
H8 I.ii.23 [Queen Katherine to Wolsey, of the people] they vent reproaches / Most bitterly on you as putter-on / Of these exactions
KL I.i.165 [Kent to Lear] whilst I can vent clamour from my throat
Tem I.ii.280 [Prospero to Ariel] thou didst vent thy groans
TN IV.i.15 [Feste to Sebastian, of Olivia] Shall I vent to her that thou art coming?
TN IV.i.9 [Sebastian to Feste] vent thy folly somewhere else
TS I.ii.176 [Hortensio to Gremio] 'tis now no time to vent our love