vouchsafe (v.) 1
allow, permit, grant
2H6 I.ii.16 [Duchess to Gloucester] We'll ... never more abase our sight so low / As to vouchsafe one glance unto the ground
CE V.i.283 [Egeon to Duke] vouchsafe me speak a word
Cym II.iii.38 [Cloten to Cymbeline, of Innogen] she vouchsafes no notice
E3 IV.ii.27 [First Poor Man to King Edward] if your grace no otherwise vouchsafe [i.e. give us no alternative]
H8 II.iii.71 [Anne to Lord Chamberlain] Vouchsafe to speak my thanks and my obedience
Ham III.ii.304 [Guildenstern to Hamlet] vouchsafe me a word with you
JC III.i.130 [Servant to Brutus, reporting Antony] If Brutus will vouchsafe that Antony / May safely come to him
KJ II.i.226 [King John to Hubert] the French, amazed, vouchsafe a parle
KJ III.i.294 [Cardinal Pandulph to King Philip, of breaking the treaty] Upon which better part our prayers come in, / If thou vouchsafe them
MA III.ii.3 [Claudio to Don Pedro] I'll bring you thither ... if you'll vouchsafe me
MW II.ii.39 [Mistress Quickly to Falstaff] Shall I vouchsafe your worship a word or two?
Tem I.ii.423 [Ferdinand to Miranda] Vouchsafe my prayer / May know if you remain upon this island
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