villain (n.) 1
serf, servant, bondman
AYL I.i.53 [Orlando to Oliver] I am no villain [also taking up previous line, villain = sense 2]
AYL II.ii.3 [Duke Frederick to all] some villains of my court / Are of consent and sufferance in this [i.e. have been accomplices]
CE I.ii.19 [Antipholus of Syracuse to First Merchant, of Dromio] A trusty villain
KL III.vii.77 [Cornwall to First Servant] My villain! [i.e. how dare you argue with me!]
Luc 1338 [of Lucrece's groom] The homely villain curtsies to her low
RJ III.i.94 [Mercutio to Page] Go, villain, fetch a surgeon
Tem I.ii.309 [Miranda to Prospero, of Caliban] 'Tis a villain, sir, / I do not love to look on
Tit IV.iii.73 [Marcus to Titus, of Aaron finding the arrows] who should find them but the Empress' villain