vizard (n.)
mask, visor
1H4 I.ii.126 [Poins to Prince Hal and Falstaff] I have vizards for you all
1H4 I.ii.176 [Poins to Prince Hal] Our vizards we will change
1H4 II.ii.51 [Bardolph to all] on with your vizards
E3 I.i.77 [King Edward to Lorraine, of the King of France] truth hath pulled the vizard from his face
H8 IV.ii.83 [stage direction: The Vision, of personages] wearing ... golden vizards on their faces
Mac III.ii.34 [Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] we / Must ... make our faces vizards to our hearts, / Disguising what they are
MW IV.iv.68 [Ford to all, of the children] I'll go buy them vizards