achieve (v.) 1
gain, obtain, procure
AW I.i.44 [Countess to Lafew, of Helena] She derives her honesty and achieves her goodness
Cor I.ix.33 [Cominius to Martius] all / The treasure in this field achieved
Oth II.i.61 [Cassio to Montano, of Othello] he hath achieved a maid / That paragons description
Sonn 67.3 [] sin by him advantage should achieve
TNK III.i.112 [Palamon to Arcite] I know your office / Unjustly is achieved
TS I.i.153 [Lucentio to Tranio, of Bianca] I perish ... / If I achieve not this young modest girl
TS I.i.176 [Tranio to Lucentio, of Bianca] Bend thoughts and wits to achieve her
TS I.i.216 [Lucentio to Tranio, of Bianca] let me be a slave t'achieve that maid