unfold (v.) 1
display, reveal, show
2H6 II.i.161 [Buckingham to King, of his news] Such as my heart doth tremble to unfold
Cym II.iii.95 [Innogen to Cloten] I shall unfold equal discourtesy / To your best kindness
Luc 1146 [Lucrece as if to the nightingale] we will unfold / To creatures stern sad tunes to change their kinds
MND I.i.146 [Lysander to Hermia, of love] Brief as the lightning in the collied night, / That in a spleen unfolds both heaven and earth
Oth III.iii.241 [Othello to himself, of Iago] This honest creature doubtless / Sees and knows ... more than he unfolds
WT IV.i.2 [Time to audience, of himself] that makes and unfolds error