use (n.) 7
profit, interest, premium
KL I.iv.129 [Fool to Lear] Can you make no use of nothing
MA II.i.256 [Beatrice to Don Pedro, of Benedick's heart] I gave him use for it
MM I.i.40 [Duke to Angelo, of Nature] she determines / Herself the glory of a creditor, / Both thanks and use
Sonn 134.10 [] Thou usurer that putt'st forth all to use
Sonn 6.5 [] That use is not forbidden usury, / Which happies those that pay the willing loan
TN III.i.49 [Viola as Cesario to Feste, of two coins] being kept together and put to use
Ven 768 [Venus to Adonis] gold that's put to use more gold begets