urge (v.) 1
press, insist on, state emphatically
3H6 I.i.98 [Clifford to Warwick, of the York threat] Urge it no more
H5 V.ii.94 [Queen Isabel to King Henry] Haply a woman's voice may do some good, / When articles too nicely urged be stood on
JC II.i.155 [Cassius to Decius, of his intervention] well urged
Luc 475 [of Lucrece talking to Tarquin] she with vehement prayers urgeth still / Under what colour he commits this ill
MV V.i.206 [Portia to Bassanio, of her ring] What man ... wanted the modesty / To urge the thing held as a ceremony
R2 V.iv.5 [Exton to Man, of King Henry] He ... urged it twice together [i.e. twice in quick succession]
Sonn 151.3 [] Then, gentle cheater, urge not my amiss