unpeople (v.)
empty of people, depopulate
3H6 I.i.126 [King to all, of refusing to leave his throne] first shall war unpeople this my realm
AC I.v.78 [Cleopatra to Charmian, of Antony] He shall have every day a several greeting, / Or I'll unpeople Egypt
Cym I.vi.79 [Queen alone, of Pisanio and Innogen] I have given him that, / Which if he take, shall quite unpeople her / Of liegers for her sweet [i.e. remove all those who represent her husband]
Luc 1741 [of Lucrece's body lying in blood] Who like a late-sacked island vastly stood / Bare and unpeopled in this fearful flood
MM III.ii.164 [Lucio to disguised Duke, of Angelo] This ungenitured agent will unpeople the province with continency