unnatural (adj.) 1
against natural feeling, not in accord with kinship
1H6 III.iii.50 [Pucelle to Burgundy, of France] Behold the wounds, the most unnatural wounds, / Which thou thyself hast given her woeful breast
1H6 V.i.12 [King to Gloucester] It was both impious and unnatural / That such immanity and bloody strife / Should reign among professors of one faith
3H6 I.i.218 [Queen to King] thou hast proved so unnatural a father!
3H6 V.i.86 [George to Warwick] trowest thou ... / That Clarence is so harsh, so blunt, unnatural
KL I.ii.77 [Gloucester to Edmund, of Edgar] Unnatural, detested, brutish villain!
KL II.i.49 [Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] Seeing how loathly opposite I stood / To his unnatural purpose
KL III.i.38 [disguised Kent to Gentleman] how unnatural and bemadding sorrow / The King hath cause to plain
KL III.iii.1 [Gloucester to Edmund] I like not this unnatural dealing
Tem V.i.79 [Prospero to charmed Antonio] I do forgive thee, / Unnatural though thou art