assay (v.) 1
attempt, try, venture
2H6 IV.v.8 [Scales to Citizens] The rebels have assayed to win the Tower
3H6 I.iv.118 [York to Queen] But that thy face is vizard-like ... / I would assay, proud Queen, to make thee blush
AYL I.iii.127 [Rosalind to Celia] what if we assayed to steal / The clownish fool
CE V.i.97 [Abbess to Adriana, of curing Antipholus] Or lose my labour in assaying it
E3 III.iv.12 [King John to all, of the fleeing troops] Let us yet assay / If we can counsel some of them to stay
Ham IV.vii.151 [Claudius to Laertes, of their plan] 'Twere better not assayed
Oth II.i.119 [Desdemona to Iago] Come on, assay
Oth II.iii.201 [Othello to all] passion, having my best judgement collied, / Assays to lead the way
Per I.i.60 [Daughter to Pericles] Of all 'sayed yet, mayst thou prove prosperous!