trick (n.) 3
peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, distinguishing trait
1H4 II.iv.397 [Falstaff (as King) to Prince Hal] a villainous trick of thine eye
1H4 V.ii.11 [Worcester to Vernon, of treason resembling a fox] Will have a wild trick of his ancestors
AW I.i.95 [Helena alone, of Bertram] heart too capable / Of every line and trick of his sweet favour
KJ I.i.85 [Queen Eleanor to King John, of the Bastard] He hath a trick of Coeur-de-lion's face
KL [Gloucester to himself, of Lear] The trick of that voice I do well remember
TN II.v.146 [Malvolio reading the letter] Put thyself into the trick of singularity