tender (v.) 1
offer, give, present
AW I.iii.231 [Countess to Helena] If you should tender your supposed aid
AW II.i.113 [Helena to King, of her medicine] I come to tender it and my appliance
AW V.iii.132 [Gentleman to King, of Diana's letter] Who hath for four or five removes come short / To tender it herself
CE IV.iii.4 [Antipholus of Syracuse alone] Some tender money to me
Cym I.vii.140 [Iachimo to Innogen] Let me my service tender on your lips
Cym II.iii.50 [Queen to Cloten, of Innogen] so seem, as if / You were inspired to do those duties which / You tender to her
Cym III.iv.11 [Innogen to Pisanio] Why tender'st thou that paper to me
Cym III.v.155 [Cloten to Pisanio] Be but duteous, and true preferment shall tender itself to thee
Cym III.v.31 [Cymbeline to Queen, of Innogen] nor to us hath tendered / The duty of the day [i.e. dutiful morning greeting]
H8 II.iii.66 [Anne to Lord Chamberlain] I do not know / What kind of my obedience I should tender
KL I.i.195 [Burgundy to Lear, of the dowry] Nor will you tender less
LLL II.i.230 [Boyet to Princess, of jewels in crystal] tendering their own worth from where they were glassed
Tem IV.i.5 [Prospero to Ferdinand, of Miranda] who once again / I tender to thy hand
TG V.iv.76 [Proteus to Valentine] if hearty sorrow / Be a sufficient ransom for offence, / I tender't here
Tim V.i.13 [Painter to Poet, of Timon] 'tis not amiss we tender our loves to him in this supposed distress of his
Tit V.iii.156 [Marcus to dead Titus] loving kiss for kiss, / Thy brother Marcus tenders on thy lips
TNK V.i.2 [Theseus to all, of Palamon, Arcite, and their knights] Now let 'em enter, and before the gods / Tender their holy prayers
TNK V.iv.32 [Palamon to Gaoler, of the Gaoler's Daughter and his purse] to piece her portion / Tender her this
Ven 538 [] The honey fee of parting tendered is
WT IV.iv.792 [Autolycus to Clown and Shepherd, of Polixenes] I'll ... tender your persons to his presence