title (n.) 1
[legal] right, claim, entitlement
1H4 II.iii.85 [Lady Percy to Hotspur] I fear my brother Mortimer doth stir / About his title [i.e. claim to the throne]
1H4 IV.iii.104 [Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] he ... drove us to seek out / This head of safety, and withal to pry / Into his title
2H6 I.i.12 [Suffolk to King] [I] Deliver up my title in the Queen / To your most gracious hands
2H6 I.iii.46 [Queen to Suffolk] Am I a queen in title and in style, / And must be made a subject to a duke?
2H6 II.ii.4 [York to Salisbury and Warwick] craving your opinion of my title ... to the English crown
2H6 III.i.92 [York to himself, of the loss of France] I will remedy this gear ere long, / Or sell my title for a glorious grave
3H6 I.i.102 [York to King] Will you we show our title to the crown?
3H6 I.i.104 [King to York] What title hast thou, traitor, to the crown?
3H6 I.i.130 [King to all, of York] My title's good, and better far than his
3H6 I.i.159 [Clifford to King] be thy title right or wrong
3H6 I.i.169 [Warwick to all, of York] I will ... / Write up his title with usurping blood
3H6 II.ii.160 [Edward to Queen] Hadst thou been meek, our title still had slept
3H6 III.i.48 [King to himself, of Edward] Warwick tells his title, smoothes the wrong
3H6 III.iii.145 [Lewis to Queen] if your title to the crown be weak
AC V.ii.287 [Cleopatra to Iras and Charmian] Husband, I come. / Now to that name my courage prove my title!
AW I.iii.99 [Countess to Steward, of Helena] she ... may lawfully make title to as much love as she finds
AW II.iv.25 [Clown to Parolles] to have nothing, is to be a great part of your title
Cym I.v.85 [Iachimo to Posthumus, of Innogen] You may wear her in title yours
E3 I.i.65 [Lorraine to King Edward, of Guienne] Or else thy title in that province dies
E3 II.ii.142 [Countess to King Edward] Your Queen, and Salisbury my wedded husband, / Who living have that title in our love
H5 I.i.87 [Canterbury to Ely, of King Henry] The severals and unhidden passages / Of his true titles to some certain dukedoms
H5 I.ii.16 [King Henry to Canterbury] God forbid ... / That you should ... nicely charge your understanding soul / With opening titles miscreate
H5 I.ii.72 [Canterbury to King Henry, of Hugh Capet] To find his title with some shows of truth
KJ II.i.562 [Bastard alone] John, to stop Arthur's title in the whole, / Hath willingly departed with a part
KL V.iii.49 [Edmund to Albany, of Lear] Whose age had charms in it, whose title more
LLL II.i.146 [King to Princess, of her father] To have his title live in Aquitaine
MM IV.i.73 [Duke to Mariana, of Angelo] the justice of your title to him
MND I.i.92 [Demetrius to Lysander] yield / Thy crazed title to my certain right
R3 II.ii.48 [Duchess of York to Queen Elizabeth] so much interest have I in thy sorrow / As I had title in thy noble husband [i.e. a right to share in your husband]
Sonn 46.10 [] To 'cide this title is impannelled / A quest of thoughts
Sonn 92.11 [] Oh what a happy title do I find, / Happy to have thy love
Tim IV.iii.155 [Timon to Phrynia and Timandra, of disease] Crack the lawyer's voice, / That he may never more false title plead
TNK I.i.233 [Theseus to Queens] being sensually subdued, / We lose our human title [i.e. become like beasts]
TNK III.i.112 [Arcite to Palamon] I've a good title
TNK III.i.22 [Arcite alone, of two kings] in a field / That their crowns' titles tried
TNK IV.ii.145 [Hippolyta to Theseus, of the knights] They would show / Bravely about the titles of two kingdoms [i.e. if they were fighting about the rights to kingdoms]
TNK V.i.159 [Emilia praying to Diana] He of the two pretenders that best loves me / And has the truest title in't
TNK V.iii.17 [Theseus to Emilia] You are ... the prize and garland / To crown the question's title [i.e. the right to Emilia which is the subject of dispute]
TNK V.iii.33 [Emilia to Theseus] The title of a kingdom may be tried / Out of itself [i.e. outside its boundaries]
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