triumph (n.) 2
triumphal procession into Rome
AC IV.xii.33 [Antony to Cleopatra] Vanish, or I shall give thee thy deserving / And blemish Caesar's triumph
AC V.i.66 [Caesar to Proculeius, of Cleopatra] her life in Rome / Would be eternal in our triumph [i.e. her presence would make my triumphal procession live on in memory]
AC V.ii.109 [Cleopatra to Dolabella, of Caesar] He'll lead me, then, in triumph?
JC I.i.31 [Cobbler to Flavius] we make holiday to see Caesar, and to rejoice in his triumph
JC V.i.108 [Cassius to Brutus] if we lose this battle, / You are contented to be led in triumph / Thorough the streets of Rome?
Tit I.i.113 [Tamora to Titus] Sufficeth not that we are brought to Rome / To beautify thy triumphs