approved (adj.)
tested, tried, established, proven
1H4 I.i.54 [Westmorland to King Henry] Archibald, / That ever valiant and approved Scot
CE V.i.103 [Abbess to Adriana, of Antipholus of Syracuse] I will not let him stir / Till I have used the approved means I have
MA II.i.351 [Don Pedro to all, of Benedick] he is ... of approved valour
MA IV.i.42 [Claudio to Leonato, of Hero] Not to knit my soul to an approved wanton
R2 II.iii.44 [Harry Percy to Bolingbroke] I tender you my service ... / Which elder days shall ripen and confirm / To more approved service and desert
Tit V.i.1 [Lucius to the army] Approved warriors and my faithful friends
TS I.i.7 [Lucentio to Tranio] My trusty servant well approved in all