afterward (adv.)
AW I.iii.112 [Steward to Countess, of Helena's thoughts about herself] Dian no queen of virgins, that would suffer her poor knight surprised without rescue or ransom afterward
CE I.ii.28 [First Merchant to Antipholus of Syracuse] I'll meet with you upon the mart, / And afterward consort you till bedtime
MA V.iv.118 [Leonato to all] We'll have dancing afterward
MM V.i.470 [Escalus to Angelo, of Angelo's transgression] both in the heat of blood / And lack of tempered judgement afterward
MW I.i.120 [Slender to Falstaff, of Falstaff's friends] They ... afterward picked my pocket
TG III.ii.97 [Proteus to Duke] We'll ... afterward determine our proceedings