taper (n.)
Cym II.ii.19 [Iachimo to himself, of Innogen] the flame o'th' taper / Bows toward her
Cym II.ii.5 [Innogen to Lady] Take not away thy taper
JC II.i.35 [Lucius to Brutus] The taper burneth in your closet
JC II.i.7 [Brutus to Lucius] Get me a taper in my study
JC IV.iii.162 [Brutus to all] Now sit we close about this taper here
JC IV.iii.273 [Brutus to himself] How ill this taper burns!
LLL V.ii.267 [Boyet to ladies, of their lords] Tapers they are, with your sweet breaths puffed out
MA V.iii.1 [stage direction] Enter ... three or four with tapers
MW IV.iv.49 [Mistress Page to all, of the children] With rounds of waxen tapers on their heads
Oth I.i.142 [Brabantio to Roderigo] Give me a taper
Oth I.i.167 [Brabantio to all] Get more tapers
Tit I.i.327 [Saturninus to all] tapers burn so bright
Tit II.iii.228 [Martius to Quintus, of Bassianus' ring] Which like a taper in some monument / Doth shine upon the dead man's earthy cheeks
Tit IV.ii.88 [Aaron to all] by the burning tapers of the sky