admit (v.) 1
permit, allow, grant
CE I.i.15 [Duke to Egeon, of the decree] To admit no traffic to our adverse towns
Cor [Aufidius to Third Conspirator, of Coriolanus] my pretext to strike at him admits / A good construction
Ham III.i.108 [Hamlet to Ophelia] your honesty should admit no discourse to your beauty
KJ II.i.200 [King Philip to all, of men of Angiers] Let us hear them speak / Whose title they admit, Arthur's or John's [i.e. acknowledge as lawful]
Tem II.i.152 [Gonzalo to Alonso, of the imaginary commonwealth] no kind of traffic / Would I admit
TN I.ii.46 [Captain to Viola, of Olivia] she will admit no kind of suit