title (n.) 3
name, label, designation
AW II.iii.116 [King to Bertram, of Helena] 'Tis only title thou disdainest in her [i.e. a lack of nobility]
AW II.iii.130 [King to Bertram, of character] The property by what it is should go, / Not by the title
H8 I.i.98 [Abergavenny to Norfolk, of the wavering treaty between England and France] A proper title of a peace
MW V.v.219 [Fenton to all, of his marriage to Anne] this deceit loses the name of craft ... or unduteous title
R3 IV.iv.340 [Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] Under what title shall I woo for thee
R3 IV.iv.350 [Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] how long shall that title 'ever' last?
WT II.i.94 [Leontes to Lords, of Hermione] she's / A bed-swerver, even as bad as those / That vulgars give bold'st titles
WT IV.iv.834 [Autolycus alone, of the name of rogue] I am proof against that title