sojourn (v.) 1
pause, reside, stay for a while
Cym I.v.22 [Iachimo to all, of Posthumus] how comes it he is to sojourn with you?
KJ I.i.103 [Robert Faulconbridge to King John, of King Richard] in the meantime sojourned at my father's
KL II.i.102 [Regan to all, of Lear and his knights] if they come to sojourn at my house / I'll not be there
KL II.iv.198 [Regan to Lear] You will return and sojourn with my sister
R3 III.i.62 [Prince Edward to Richard, of himself and York] Where shall we sojourn till our coronation?
RJ III.iii.169 [Friar to Romeo] Sojourn in Mantua
TG IV.i.19 [Third Outlaw to Valentine, of Milan] Have you long sojourned there?
TNK I.iii.77 [Emilia to Hippolyta, of her friend] a note / Whereon her spirits would sojourn