secure (adj.) 2
over-confident, unsuspecting, too self-confident
1H6 II.i.11 [Talbot to all] This happy night the Frenchmen are secure
E3 IV.iii.23 [Charles to Villiers] what is he, so senseless and secure, / That, having hardly passed a dangerous gulf, / Will put himself in peril there again?
MW II.i.215 [Ford alone] Page be a secure fool and stands so firmly on his wife's frailty
MW II.ii.285 [Ford alone] Page is an ass, a secure ass
MW III.ii.39 [Ford alone] I will ... divulge Page himself for a secure and wilful Actaeon
R2 V.iii.42 [York to King Henry] Open the door, secure foolhardy King
TC II.ii.15 [Hector to Priam] The wound of peace is surety, / Surety secure
TNK I.i.154 [First Queen to Theseus, of Creon] now, he's secure