touch (v.) 6
test the quality [of], put to the test
CE II.i.111 [Adriana to Luciana] the gold bides still / That others touch
Cor II.iii.190 [Sicinius to Citizens, of Coriolanus] Thus to have said, ... had touched his spirit
KJ III.i.100 [Constance to King Philip, of his false word] which, being touched and tried, / Proves valueless
MM I.i.35 [Duke to Angelo] Spirits are not finely touched / But to fine issues
Oth III.iii.81 [Desdemona to Othello] when I have a suit / Wherein I mean to touch your love indeed / It shall be full of poise and difficult weight
Tim III.iii.6 [Servant to Sempronius, of other lords] They have all been touched and found base metal
Tim IV.iii.5 [Timon alone, as if to the sun and moon] touch them with several fortunes [or: hurt]