take in (v.)
conquer, subdue, overcome
AC I.i.23 [Cleopatra to Antony, as if quoting Caesar] Take in that kingdom, and enfranchise that
AC III.vii.23 [Antony to Canidius, of Caesar] Is it not strange ... / He could so quickly cut the Ionian sea / And take in Toryne
AC III.xiii.83 [Cleopatra to Thidias, of Julius Caesar] When he hath mused of taking kingdoms in
Cor I.ii.24 [Aufidius to all, of their plans] By the discovery / We shall be shortened in our aim, which was / To take in many towns
Cor III.ii.59 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] to take in a town with gentle words
Cym III.ii.9 [Pisanio alone, of Innogen] She ... undergoes ... such assaults / As would take in some virtue
WT IV.iv.574 [Perdita to Camillo] affliction may subdue the cheek, / But not take in the mind