triumph (n.) 1
public festivity, pageant, display of celebration, tournament
1H6 V.v.31 [Suffolk to all] a ruler ... that at a triumph, having vowed / To try his strength
3H6 V.vii.43 [Edward to all] now what rests but that we spend the time / With stately triumphs
Cym IV.ii.192 [Guiderius to Belarius] Triumphs for nothing ... / Is jollity for apes
MND I.i.19 [Theseus to Hippolyta] I will wed thee ... / With pomp, with triumph, and with revelling
Oth II.ii.4 [Herald reading] every man put himself into triumph
Per II.ii.1 [Simonides to First Lord] Are the knights ready to begin the triumph?
Per II.ii.5 [Simonides to First Lord, of Thaisa] In honour of whose birth these triumphs are
Per II.ii.52 [Second Lord to Simonides, of Pericles] he comes / To an honoured triumph strangely furnished
Per V.i.16 [Lysimachus to Helicanus] honouring of Neptune's triumphs
R2 V.ii.52 [York to Aumerle] Do these justs and triumphs hold?
R2 V.iii.14 [Percy to King Henry, of Henry's son] I ... told him of those triumphs held at Oxford
R3 III.iv.42 [Derby to all, of the coronation] We have not yet set down this day of triumph
TG V.iv.162 [Duke to Valentine] we will include all jars / With triumphs, mirth, and rare solemnity