true (adj.) 1
loyal, firm, faithful in allegiance
1H4 I.i.62 [King Henry to Westmorland, of Blunt] Here is a dear, a true industrious friend
1H4 II.ii.27 [Falstaff as if alone] A plague upon it when thieves cannot be true one to another!
1H4 II.iv.331 [Falstaff to Prince Hal, of Glendower] he of Wales that ... swore the devil his true liegeman upon the cross of a Welsh hook
1H6 III.i.165 [King to Richard] If Richard will be true, ... all the whole inheritance I give / That doth belong unto the House of York
1H6 V.iv.128 [Winchester to the French, of the King] You shall become true liegemen to his crown
2H6 II.iv.62 [Gloucester to Duchess, of his foes] All these could not procure me any scathe / So long as I am loyal, true, and crimeless
3H6 III.iii.196 [Warwick to Queen] henceforth I am thy true servitor
3H6 IV.i.139 [Edward to Hastings and Montague] if you mind to hold your true obedience, / Give me assurance with some friendly vow
Cym III.v.157 [Cloten to Pisanio] Come, and be true
Cym IV.iii.18 [First Lord to Cymbeline, of Pisanio] I dare be bound he's true
Cym IV.iii.42 [Pisanio alone] I am ... not true, to be true
Cym V.v.87 [Lucius to Cymbeline, of disguised Innogen] never master had / A page ... / So tender over his occasions, true
H8 I.ii.19 [Queen Katherine to King Henry] I am solicited [by] ... those of true condition
H8 II.ii.38 [Lord Chamberlain to Norfolk and Suffolk, of the divorce rumours] every true heart weeps for't
KJ III.iii.73 [King John to Arthur] Hubert shall be your man, attend on you / With all true duty
MV III.iv.46 [Portia to Balthasar] I have ever found thee honest-true
R2 V.iii.97 [York to King Henry, of the Duchess and Aumerle] Against them both my true joints bended be
TC IV.ii.55 [Aeneas to Pandarus, of Troilus] you'll be so true to him to be false to him
Tit V.iii.101 [Lucius to all, of Titus] basely cozened / Of that true hand that fought Rome's quarrel out
TN II.iv.56 [Feste singing] My part of death, no one so true / Did share it
TS Induction.i.68 [First Huntsman to Lord, of transforming Sly] he shall think by our true diligence / He is no less than what we say he is