tyranny (n.)
cruelty, barbarity, unmerciful violence
1H6 II.iii.39 [Countess to Talbot] I will chain these legs and arms of thine / That hast by tyranny ... / Wasted our country
1H6 IV.ii.17 [General to Talbot] The period of thy tyranny approacheth
1H6 IV.vii.19 [Talbot as if to Death] from thy insulting tyranny, ... / Two Talbots ... shall 'scape mortality
2H4 IV.v.86 [Warwick to King Henry IV, of Prince Henry] tyranny ... / Would, by beholding him, have washed his knife / With gentle eye-drops
AW I.i.48 [Countess to Lafew, of Helena] the tyranny of her sorrows takes all livelihood from her cheek
Cor V.iii.43 [Coriolanus to Volumnia] Forgive my tyranny
KL III.iv.2 [disguised Kent to Lear] The tyranny of the open night's too rough / For nature to endure
MV IV.i.13 [Antonio to Duke, of Shylock] I ... am armed / To suffer with a quietness of spirit / The very tyranny and rage of his
R3 III.vii.9 [Buckingham to Richard, of King Edward] His tyranny for trifles [i.e. on account of unimportant matters]