toy (n.) 3
trinket, trifle, trivial ornament
AC V.ii.166 [Cleopatra to Caesar] I some lady trifles have reserved, / Immoment toys
KJ I.i.232 [Bastard to Gurney, of recent events] There's toys abroad
R3 III.i.114 [York to Richard, of the dagger] being but a toy
TN III.iii.45 [Antonio to Sebastian] Haply your eye shall light upon some toy / You have desire to purchase
TN V.i.388 [Feste singing] A foolish thing was but a toy
TNK I.iii.71 [Emilia to Hippolyta, of herself and her friend] on my head no toy / But was her pattern
WT IV.iv.317 [Autolycus singing] Any toys for your head