travail, travel (n.) 2
journeying, travel [often overlapping with sense 1]
AYL II.iv.71 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Corin, of Celia as Aliena] Here's a young maid with travail much oppressed
CE I.i.140 [Egeon to Duke, of his sons] happy were I in my timely death / Could all my travels warrant me they live [also: sense 1]
R2 I.iii.262 [John of Gaunt to Bolingbroke, of his banishment] Call it a travel that thou takest for pleasure [also: sense 1]
Sonn 27.2 [of bed] The dear repose for limbs with travail tired [also: sense 1]
Tem III.iii.16 [Antonio aside to Sebastian, of the others] they are oppressed with travail
TNK II.iv.30 [Thesus to Arcite] we are much indebted to your travel [also: sense 1]
TNK Prologue.29 [of the play] Scenes ... may yet appear / Worth two hours' travail [Q travel] [also: sense 1]