turn (n.) 1
need, requirement, purpose [especially in the phrase ‘serve one's turn’ = meet one's need]
AC II.v.58 [Cleopatra to Messenger, of Antony being bound to Octavia] For what good turn? [pun: 59]
Ham V.ii.181 [Hamlet to Horatio, of Osrick] There are no tongues else for's turn [i.e. to serve his purpose]
LLL I.i.285 [King to Costard] This 'maid' will not serve your turn [pun: 286]
TC III.i.72 [Pandarus to Helen, of her witty response] that shall not serve your turn
Tim II.i.20 [Senator to Caphis] I must serve my turn / Out of mine own [i.e. resources]
TS I.ii.167 [Gremio to Hortensio, of Lucentio as Cambio and Bianca] I have lighted well / On this young man, for learning and behaviour / Fit for her turn
TS II.i.265 [Petruchio to Katherina] I am a husband for your turn
TS II.i.63 [Baptista to Petruchio, of Katherina] She is not for your turn
TS III.ii.131 [Tranio to Lucentio, of a man to stand as Vincentio] It skills not much, we'll fit him to our turn
TS IV.ii.62 [Biondello to Tranio] I spied / An ancient angel ... / Will serve the turn