try (v.) 3
contest, decide, fight out
2H4 II.iii.56 [Lady Percy to Northumberland, of the rebels] First let them try themselves
2H4 IV.ii.43 [Mowbray to Prince John] we ready are to try our fortunes / To the last man
2H4 IV.v.167 [Prince Henry to King Henry IV, of the crown] I put it on my head, / To try with it, as with an enemy
2H6 II.iii.53 [Queen to King, of the fight] purposely ... / Left I the court to see this quarrel tried
AYL I.i.118 [Charles to Oliver, of Orlando] hath a disposition ... to try a fall
AYL I.ii.159 [Orlando to Rosalind, of Charles] I come ... to try with him the strength of my youth
AYL I.ii.191 [Duke to Orlando and Charles] You shall try but one fall
AYL I.iii.24 [Celia to Rosalind, of being a wrestler] you will try in time
Ham IV.iv.63 [Hamlet alone] a plot / Whereon the numbers cannot try the cause [i.e. because it is too small]
Mac [Macbeth to Macduff] Yet will I try the last
TNK III.i.22 [Arcite alone, of two kings] in a field / That their crowns' titles tried
WT V.ii.131 [Clown to Autolycus] Give me the lie, do, and try whether I am not now a gentleman born