trumpet (n.) 1
trumpeter; herald, announcer
1H6 IV.iii.1 [stage direction] Enter Richard Duke of York, with trumpet and many soldiers
3H6 V.i.16 [Edward to the trumpeter] Go, trumpet, to the walls and sound a parle
H5 IV.ii.59 [Constable to Dauphin] I will the banner from a trumpet take
H5 IV.vii.54 [King Henry to herald] Take a trumpet, Herald
H8 V.v.1 [stage direction] Enter trumpets, sounding
Ham I.i.151 [Horatio to Barnardo and Marcellus] The cock, that is the trumpet to the morn
KJ II.i.198 [King Philip to attendant] Some trumpet summon hither to the walls / These men of Angiers
KL V.iii.109 [stage direction] A trumpet sounds
Phoen 3 [] Let the bird of loudest lay ... / Herald sad and trumpet be
R3 IV.iv.149 [King Richard to the trumpeters] A flourish, trumpets!
TC I.iii.251 [Aeneas to and of Agamemnon] I bring a trumpet to awake his ear
TC IV.v.6 [Ajax to trumpeter] Thou, trumpet, there's my purse
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