argosy (n.)
large merchant ship
3H6 [Edward to all] a sail, filled with a fretting gust, / [doth] Command an argosy to stem the waves
MV I.i.9 [Salerio to Antonio] your argosies with portly sail
MV I.iii.18 [Shylock to Bassanio, of Antonio] He hath an argosy bound to Tripolis
MV III.i.92 [Tubal to Shylock, of Antonio] [he] Hath an argosy cast away coming from Tripolis
MV V.i.276 [Portia to Antonio] three of your argosies / Are richly come to harbour
TS II.i.367 [Gremio to Baptista and Tranio as Lucentio, of his dower for Bianca] an argosy / That now is lying in Marseilles road