toward (adv.)
impending, forthcoming, in preparation
2H4 II.iv.195 [Hostess to all] Here's goodly stuff toward!
AC [Enobarbus to Pompey] I perceive / Four feasts are toward
AYL V.iv.35 [Jaques to all] There is sure another flood toward
Ham I.i.77 [Marcellus to Horatio and Barnardo, of the activities in Denmark] What might be toward that this sweaty haste / Doth make the night joint-labourer with the day?
Ham V.ii.359 [Fortinbras as if to Death] What feast is toward in thine eternal cell
KL II.i.10 [Curan to Edmund] Have you heard of no likely wars toward [F; Q towards]
KL III.iii.18 [Gloucester to Edmund] There is strange things toward
KL [disguised Edgar to Gentleman] Do you hear aught ... of a battle toward?
MND III.i.72 [Puck to himself, of the rustics] What, a play toward?
Tim [Sempronius to other Lords] Here's a noble feast toward
TS I.i.68 [Tranio aside to Lucentio, of Katherina] here's some good pastime toward
TS V.i.12 [Vincentio to Petruchio, of Lucentio's house] by all likelihood some cheer is toward