term (n.) 3
state, condition, circumstance
Ham III.iii.5 [Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] The terms of our estate may not endure / Hazard
Ham IV.vii.26 [Laertes to Claudius] A sister driven into desperate terms
Ham V.ii.240 [Laertes to Hamlet] But in my terms of honour / I stand aloof [i.e. position as a man of honour]
MM I.i.10 [Duke to Escalus] the terms / For common justice, y'are ... pregnant in [i.e. the conditions by which justice is administered] [or: sessions; terminology]
MM II.iv.100 [Isabella to Angelo] were I under the terms of death [i.e. under sentence of death]
TN V.i.68 [Orsino to Antonio] What foolish boldness brought thee to their mercies / Whom thou, in terms so bloody and so dear, / Hast made thine enemies?