tender (v.) 2
feel concern for, hold dear, care for
1H6 IV.vii.10 [Talbot to Servant, of John Talbot] when my angry guardant stood alone, / Tendering my ruin
2H6 III.i.277 [Cardinal to Suffolk] I tender so the safety of my liege
CE V.i.132 [Duke to all, of Egeon] He shall not die, so much we tender him
E3 IV.iv.113 [Prince Edward to Third Herald, of Philip] the unadvised boy / Hath wronged himself in thus far tend'ring me
H5 II.ii.175 [King Henry to traitors] we our kingdom's safety must so tender ... that to her laws / We do deliver you
Ham IV.iii.40 [Claudius to Hamlet] thine especial safety, / Which we do tender
R2 I.i.32 [Bolingbroke to King Richard] Tendering the precious safety of my prince
R3 I.i.44 [Clarence to Richard, of King Edward] His majesty, / Tendering my person's safety
R3 IV.iv.405 [King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] if ... / I tender not thy beauteous princely daughter
TG IV.iv.137 [disguised Julia to Silvia, of Julia] I thank you ... that you tender her
Tit I.i.479 [Lucius to Saturninus, of Lavinia] what we did was mildly as we might, / Tend'ring our sister's honour and our own
TN V.i.124 [Orsino to Olivia, of Viola as Cesario] whom ... I tender dearly