advise, avise (v.) 3
inform, be aware, apprise
2H4 I.i.172 [Morton to Northumberland, of Percy] You were advised his flesh was capable / Of wounds and scars
H5 II.Chorus.12 [Chorus] The French, advised by good intelligence
H8 I.ii.107 [Wolsey aside to Secretary] I shall anon advise you / Further in the proceeding
MM II.ii.132 [Lucio aside to Isabella, of her insight into army life] Art avised o'that?
MW I.iv.98 [Mistress Quickly aside to Simple, on the difficulties of keeping house] Are you avised o'that?
TG III.i.122 [Duke to Valentine] Advise me where I may have such a ladder
TS I.i.183 [Lucentio to Tranio, of Baptista and Bianca] art thou not advised he took some care / To get her cunning schoolmasters