import (v.) 2
be of importance to, concern, matter to
AC I.ii.122 [Messenger to Antony] what else more serious / Importeth thee to know
Ham V.ii.21 [Hamlet to Horatio] reasons, / Importing Denmark's health, and England's too
KL IV.iii.4 [Gentleman to disguised Kent, of the reason for France's departure] Something ... which imports to the kingdom so much fear and danger
LLL IV.i.60 [Boyet to Princess] This letter is mistook; it importeth none here
TC IV.ii.50 [Aeneas to Pandarus, of Troilus] It doth import him much to speak with me
TNK I.i.172 [Theseus to Second Queen, of his marriage] it more imports me / Than all the actions that I have foregone [it matters more to me]