image (n.) 2
effigy, statue, sculpture
1H4 IV.i.100 [Vernon to Hotspur, of Prince Hal and his companions] Glittering in golden coats like images [of a warrior]
2H6 I.iii.58 [Queen to Suffolk, of the King] his loves / Are brazen images of canonized saints
JC I.i.64 [Flavius to Marullus, of the statues] Disrobe the images, / If you do find them decked with ceremonies
JC I.i.68 [Flavius to Marullus, of the statues] let no images / Be hung with Caesar's trophies
JC I.ii.283 [Casca to Cassius] Marullus and Flavius, for pulling scarfs off Caesar's images, are put to silence
MA II.i.8 [Beatrice to all, of Don John] [he] is too like an image and says nothing
MM III.ii.43 [Lucio to Pompey] is there none of Pygmalion's images ... to be had now
WT V.iii.57 [Paulina to Leontes, of Hermione's statue] the sight of my poor image