instance (n.) 1
sign, evidence, proof
2H4 III.i.99 [Warwick to King Henry IV] I have received / A certain instance that Glendower is dead
2H6 III.ii.159 [Suffolk to Warwick, of Warwick's vow that Gloucester was murdered] What instance gives Lord Warwick for his vow?
AW IV.i.39 [Parolles to himself] what's the instance?
CE I.i.65 [Egeon to Duke] A league ... had we sailed / Before the always wind-obeying deep / Gave any tragic instance of our harm
MA II.ii.38 [Borachio to Don John, of Claudio and Don Pedro being told about Hero's supposed infidelity] offer them instances
MM IV.iii.128 [disguised Duke to Isabella] One of our covent ... / Gives me this instance
MW II.ii.236 [Ford as Brook to Falstaff, of Mistress Ford] my desires had instance and argument to commend themselves