interest (n.) 1
valid claim [on], rights of possession [to]
1H4 III.ii.98 [King Henry to Prince Hal, of Hotspur] He hath more worthy interest to the state, / Than thou the shadow of succession
Cym I.iv.30 [Innogen to Pisanio] The shes of Italy should not betray / Mine interest
Cym I.vii.195 [Innogen to Iachimo, of the treasures] My lord hath interest in them
KJ V.ii.89 [Lewis the Dauphin to Cardinal Pandulph, of England] You ... / Acquainted me with interest to this land
KL I.i.50 [Lear to his daughters] we will divest us both of rule, / Interest of territory
Luc 1797 [Collatine to Lucretius, of Lucrece] do not take away / My sorrow's interest
TNK [Theseus to all, of the loser] Nor think he dies with interest in this lady