importune (v.) 2
beg [for], ask persistently [for]
AYL I.i.86 [Dennis to Oliver, of Charles] he ... importunes access to you
CE I.i.127 [Egeon to Duke] My youngest boy ... importuned me
Cym V.v.249 [Cornelius to Cymbeline] The queen ... very oft importuned me / To temper poisons for her
E3 IV.iii.1 [Charles to Villiers] I wonder ... thou shouldst importune me / For one that is our deadly enemy
LLL II.i.32 [Princess to Boyet, of conveying her request to the King] Importunes personal conference with his grace
MM V.i.430 [Duke to Mariana, of Isabella] Against all sense you do importune her
Oth II.iii.309 [Iago to Cassio, of Desdemona] importune her help
R3 II.ii.14 [Boy to Duchess of York, of Clarence's death] God will revenge it, whom I will importune / With earnest prayers
TS I.i.48 [Baptista to Gremio and Hortensio] importune me no farther