ill-favoured (adj.)
ugly, unattractive, unsightly
AYL III.v.53 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Silvius] 'Tis such fools as you / That makes the world full of ill-favoured children
MW I.i.278 [Slender to Anne, of bears] they are very ill-favoured rough things
MW III.iv.32 [Ann to herself, of Slender] what a world of vile ill-favoured faults / Looks handsome in three hundred pounds a year!
R3 III.v.1 [stage direction] Enter Richard ... and Buckingham, in rotten armour, marvellous ill-favoured
TG II.vii.54 [Julia to Lucetta, of wearing a codpiece] that will be ill-favoured
Tit III.ii.67 [Marcus to Titus] it was a black ill-favoured fly
TS I.ii.59 [Hortensio to Petruchio] shall I ... wish thee to a shrewd ill-favoured wife?