advantage (n.) 3
benefit, gain, advancement, profit
1H4 I.i.27 [King Henry to all, of Christ's feet] nailed / For our advantage on the bitter cross
2H6 III.i.25 [Queen to King, of Gloucester] his advantage following your decease
KJ II.i.206 [King John to Hubert, of the parle] For our advantage
KJ II.i.577 [Bastard alone, of commodity] this advantage, this vile-drawing bias [i.e. seeking after gain]
MM III.i.246 [disguised Duke to Isabella] refer yourself to this advantage
MV II.vii.19 [Morocco to himself, of the writing on the lead casket] men that hazard all / Do it in hope of fair advantages
MW III.iii.103 [Mistress Page to Mistress Ford, of Ford] a gentleman that he says is here now in the house ... to take an ill advantage of his absence
Sonn 67.3 [of his friend] sin by him advantage should achieve
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vantage (n.) 3